JBL professional

For this loudspeaker family the most used and well known preset library is the so called ‘V4 Library’.  The Powersoft K-DSP preset library reproduces on the K-DSP platform the V5 preset library both in terms of tonal balance and components pass-band introducing some additional improvements that come from some of the peculiar characteristics of the K-DSP platform and the K Series amplifiers.


The following DSP presets have been created for the K-DSP platform, for being used with some of the NEXO® loudspeaker systems. The tonal balance of the loudspeaker and the relative phase response have been carefully optimized in order to match as close as possible the original tonal balance and to preserve the native sound character of the systems. All presets are designed for long throw systems.


The large format Aero 50 is the evolution of the highly successful Aero 48. This externally powered, high efficiency line array module integrates low, mid and high frequency transducers in a single unit. Designed for use in large-scale events in stadiums and arenas, the Aero 50 offers a number of important improvements in terms of performance and weight reduction.

Electro Voice

X-Line is a concert sound loudspeaker system that combines high-level sonic impact and vocal intelligibility with the uniform, predictable coverage that only a line array can deliver. The X-Line system provides wide horizontal dispersion from a single vertical line array with exceptionally coherent wave-front summation in the vertical plane. Extended low-frequency polar control produces more uniform power response, further enhancing overall intelligibility.

STS Touring Series

From compact two-way systems as Cantata and Sonata boxes, to a powerful flyable three way point source system such as the Concerto TOP, all STS Touring Series designs offer outstanding manufacturing standards and reliability.

Acoustical and mechanical behaviour of our line arrays, Linea V5/V20 and Linea V10 systems, can be easily predicted with the most acclaimed aiming tool, Ease Focus.

Operation of any system without its corresponding preset will produce anomalous results and will not protect components properly. Do not intend to operate any of these systems without them.

TW Audio

The TW AUDiO A03 preset library contains:

  • 17 channel presets (*.chp)
  • 48 device presets (*.pam)
  • the preset list with all 48 presets (*.plst)
  • preset guide document

The preset list can be transferred to one or more amps at the same time. We strongly recommend to lock all used presets slots, it will protect presets before being overwritten.


A versatile PA/monitor speaker series that is compact in size and perfect for near-field monitoring – yet can deliver high-quality sound to the corners of the room. Boasts multiple installment options for easy set up.