Armonía Pro Audio Suite™

Remote control and monitoring of the full range of Powersoft products.

Setting up and managing complex sound systems easily through a highly intuitive user interface has become more than a popular demand – it is a reality.
Armonía Pro Audio Suite has raised the bar by offering a number of unique features making your system safer and better sounding, especially in combination with Powersoft DSP technology.
With Armonía, system designers and operators have new and unique tools to significantly improve sonic performance and system reliability.

OEM manufacturer can display a system based on Powersoft amp modules as his own, providing a powerful environment and yet supporting its own brand identity.

New Main Features


Armonía Interactive Tuning Plugin

Interactive Tuning Plug-in

Armonía is now fully integrated with Rational Acoustic Smaart v8, able to read real-time, imported, or shared location traces (Smaart, txt, csv, xml).  An amazing set of features is provided to the user: offline manipulation with EQ, Gain, Polarity, Delay, Sum, Average, Merging (…and more). Tuning a system has never been so fast and easy.

Operator view 

The Operator View enables the system administrator to tailor access credentials and limit functionality. Moreover, the Operator View is a simplified view of Armonía environment that enables users to conveniently control and manage complex set-ups.


Greyboxes integration in speaker preset loading

Adding the EAW Greyboxes path in the Armonía options will make them available in the speaker configuration page. During the load process, a comprehensive set of options is available to tune them exactly like on UX processors.

Armonía new equalizer control

New equalizer control

Improved EQ visualization with automatic frequency-reordered filters. The graphics have been optimised for an improved readability, and the automatic reordering makes finding the needed filter much easier.

Multiple serial ports support in Armonía communication manager

Multiple serial ports support in communication manager

Armonía now supports multiple serial ports at once, this enhances the communication possibilities for modules users and not only, being able for example to control multiple DSP-Lite USB.

Support for the non-DSP versions of Quattrocanali and Duecanali in Armonía

Support for the non-DSP versions of Quattrocanali and Duecanali

Following the recent launch of the Quattrocanali Series and Duecanali 1604, this is the first public release that fully supports control and monitoring of the standard non-DSP versions of these models. This gives access to the control of Gain, Mutes, MaxOutVoltage as well as metering and faults and warnings.

New Presets Added to the Armonía library

New Presets Added to the library

Official presets for BOSE SM Series, DAS Aero Series, Custom d&b Max12-15, Custom NEXO GeoT… and many more, added to the Speaker preset library.

Firmware is now included in the Armonía setup file

Firmware is now included in the setup file

Including firmware’s in the installation package to have the supported devices always up to date. Gain the benefits of all the latest firmware version by simply connecting the amp to Armonía the program will prompt the user to update the device is outdated.







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