ArmoníaPlus Training

ArmoníaPlus Training Course

A training session on ArmoníaPlus in which the attendant will be instructed upon the basic theory, setting up the software, first Installation and Connectivity, and setting up advanced ArmoníaPlus Project which compiles the sound system optimization goals.


  • ArmoníaPlus Installation/Connectivity
  • General Audio System schematic/design analysis
  • Powersoft Tools
  • Step by step project creation with offline devices
  • Advanced ArmoníaPlus Project set up
  • Creation of a basic speaker preset
  • Amplifier optimization
  • Working with snapshots and speaker presets
  • Working with advanced group
  • Sound system optimization goals
  • System Tuning
  • Interactive Tuning Plug-in with Smaart
  • Advanced system configuration using ArmoníaPlus
  • Q&A.

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ArmoníaPlus Training Course AVIXA CTS Ru

After this course the attendant will be able to: know and recognize Class D amps and DSP control systems, design a system specifying IT network, Electrical and Cooling requirements, calculate the dimensions of the amps in a system, operate and maintain a system of multiple devices, set up advanced remote control and monitoring, troubleshoot a networked system.


  • Software setup, system design analysis, and amplifier deployment: ArmoníaPlus installation, ArmoníaPlus network connectivity, Analysis of an ideal system design, Analysis of the system schematics, Choice of the right amplifiers and output channel layout
  • ArmoníaPlus project implementation: Step by step project creation with offline devices in ArmoníaPlus, Creation of a basic speaker preset (xover, limiters), Speakers Preset management
  • Amplifier management: Amplifier optimisation, Amplifier snapshot/preset management, Channels grouping methodology
  • System Optimisation and tuning: Live impedance measurement, Sound system optimisation, Live system tuning, Advanced system configurations

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